The Nature of Alliances

In today’s troubled times do you ever wonder who you should pay attention to in the public arena.  Do you discount people because they are not Christians?  Because they are not from the same denomination as you?  Consider this:

In the Old Testament, there were times that Israel forged alliances out of desperation because they did not trust God.  That distrust is sin.  In addition, Israel compromised herself in those alliances, becoming like those with whom she joined.

However, there were other scenarios in which God used cultures outside Israel for his purposes.  Those alliances seemed to have the approval of God.

Ask yourself two questions:

1. Am I joining with someone simply out of failure to trust God, or does this alliance seem to have the approval of God for this moment, to accomplish his will?
2. Am I compromising biblical truths and values in this alliance?

Alliances were not out of failure to trust God, but out of an understanding of how (in this moment) to live out his will on earth, and that there was no compromise of biblical values.

When evaluating who to ‘partner’ with look for principles in daily living.  Principles based on the Bible.

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