See you at the Movies!

Have you ever thought, ‘where are the good, inspiring, healthy movies and TV shows’? How many times have you said, “There’s just nothing good to watch.” We’re presented with the choice of the lesser of two evils. Should I go to the R rated film or the other R rated film? Let’s not wish anymore. Let’s walk with our feet to strong, moral and redemptive content movies. They are on the rise and for good reason.  Read on…

From a report on Movies found at Box office statistics of the Top 25 Grossing Movies in 2008 show once again that movies reflecting high moral, biblical and Christian standards do much better at the box office than movies that violate those high standards. This is especially true of movies that aggressively violate such standards. Moviegoers tend to reject such misguided, if not abhorrent, movies.

For example, 56% of the Top 25 in 2008 had strong or very strong Christian, moral and/or biblical content, but only 28% of the Top 25 had any explicit, depicted sex or sexual nudity. Also, only 20% of the Top 25 had any very strong negative worldviews.

The Nielsen Co., which determines television ratings and other entertainment industry statistics, has confirmed the findings in MOVIEGUIDE®’s Annual Report to the Entertainment Industry, that family movies with G and/or PG ratings and the least amount of foul language make the most money. Of the Top 250 Movies in wide release, movies with no foul language averaged significantly more money than movies with a few obscenities and profanities and a whole lot more money than movies with a lot of foul language. The inevitable conclusion – Hollywood can make a lot more money by making entertaining G and PG movies with little or no foul language!

Taken all together, these statistics from the Top 10 Grossing Movies at the box office in 2008 once again show that family-friendly, morally uplifting and inspiring movies with Christian and redemptive content, biblical principles, Godly virtues, wholesome qualities, consistently high moral standards, and traditional family values still do best at the box office.

Why would you want to make any other kind of movie, much less go to one?

Grossing Movies in 2008 proves at least four things. First, filmmakers (especially filmmakers trying to make movies for a broad audience) have a much better chance of reaching the Top 25 Movies at the Domestic Box Office if they insert elements with strong or very strong Christian, biblical, moral, and/or redemptive content into their movies. Second, filmmakers have a better chance of reaching the peak of the Top 25 list, and making more money, if they include strong or very strong Christian, biblical, moral, and/or redemptive content in their movie. Third, filmmakers have a better chance of reaching the Top 25 if they keep strong and very strong negative, non-Christian, anti-Christian, amoral, immoral, or false content out of their movie. And, finally, filmmakers usually will make more money in the Top 25 list if they keep such negative content completely out of their movies.

Here’s what most moviegoers (and most non-moviegoers for that matter) want to see from the Entertainment Industry and Hollywood – Good conquer evil, Truth triumph over falsehood, Justice prevail over injustice, and Beauty overcome ugliness. Most people also would like to take their whole family, including their grandparents, to the movies more often (assuming, of course, that ticket prices, concession prices and gasoline prices don’t get too high or prohibitive).

Thus, the vast majority of people prefer to see highly entertaining movies with strong Christian content and strong biblical principles (the stronger the better).

See you at the Box Office!

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