Relax…no… I don’t think so

The underlying assumption in this message is that we are Christians who read and seek to live according to the Word of God.  If this is not your viewpoint, then you will disagree with most of my writings and with the premise that:

  • God’s laws work whether you believe in them or not.  (Romans 8:28)  Any attempt to ignore God’s laws, whether they are creational (related to the created order) or moral, will be met with judgment.  The law of gravity works whether you believe in it or not.  Try jumping off a building.

Recently, in an email exchange regarding various aspects of our nation, we were told; “God hears our prayers. Relax. He’s got this.”  I couldn’t shake the feeling that this is not the time to relax.  My first thought was that I’m grateful that Paul did not relax after his encounter on the road to Damascus.  Is this really the time to relax?  The time to let Christianity be banished from the public square, from schools, from … eventually our pulpits?  If this seems impossible to you, read what’s happening to Christians in other countries.  Not on some obscure mission field, but in countries like the UK where Sharia law has been adopted in the court system.  Where Christians are persecuted daily.  If you think it won’t happen here, think again.  It already is.

The threat against Christians has escalated since we banned God from public schools in 1962.  (**I’ll be posting the statistics on my blog,  I’ll give just one example of the many available.  This one not only involved God but also this history of our country.

A judge in California refused to allow a teacher to show his students the Declaration of Independence because it refers to God.  Think it won’t happen in America.  Think again.

Should we just sit back and do nothing?  We have an obligation to be salt and light.  God says in Matthew 12:30 “He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.”  He leaves no room for silence in any area of life.   We either accept this challenge by those who want to silence us or we speak out.  We either educate ourselves and our children in the things of God or the things of the devil.  There is no neutral ground to escape to.

Paul warns of the consequences of relaxing.  In Colossians 2:8 he makes his point.

8 Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers[a] of this world, rather than from Christ.

By claiming the false premise of neutrality, the Christian becomes bound intellectually, cut off from all the treasure of God’s wisdom and knowledge.  Notice that in Paul’s thinking there is no middle course.  Either we begin with Christ and His words, or we are taken captive through philosophy and empty deception. There is no third alternative.

The people of God, who are in Christ, must not remain passive in light of sin, but are commanded to counter the effects of sin through being salt and light.  Christians are to act as salt, preserving the preaching of the gospel and the implementation of God’s moral order. Light cuts through the darkness.

In order for Christians to have that preservative effect on the country, they must take charge of the cultural direction.  The decline of our nation can be traced to the spiritual condition of God’s people – more specifically apathy by Christians.  For generations we have been weakening our wills with lies from national leaders.  Does the majority opinion overrule Scripture?  If you believe so, stop reading here.  The majority has chosen another god.

Paul does not allow the Christian to remain passive as the ungodly self-destruct and pull every Christian in name only with them.  Let me take it one step further.  There is a great need in our world for more Christian anger.  We are not to compromise with sin.  God never does.  Abortion?  Homosexuality?  Anti-Christian sentiment? A President who does not participate in the National Day of Prayer but hosts a Ramadan dinner? And for those who would argue that he is a Christian, the Bible also says you will know them by their fruit.

Through our taxes we are funding the enemy.  Our taxes support abortion.  Our taxes support giving condoms to grade school children.  Teaching homosexuality as a way of life.  Our taxes support schools systems that are totally devoid of God and further teach a history that is being rewritten to distort our founding as a Christian nation. Are we to sit idle while we are persecuted?  While we are told we cannot profess our faith?  In the face of blatant evil we should be indignant not tolerant, angry not apathetic.  If God hates sin so should we.

In the end the Bible and its eternal truths will be mocked, and those who believe them will be ridiculed as intellectually inferior.  Prophecy declares that deception will be epidemic on the earth.

Does any of this sound familiar?

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