Does History Repeat Itself? Hilter and today, is history repeating?

Recently I traveled to Israel. Part of our exciting tour was a visit to Yad Vashem – the Holocaust Museum.   It begins with Isaiah 56:5 “And I shall give them in My house within my walls a memorial and a name (a “Yad Vashem”) … that shall not be cut off”
What really struck home is how close the actions of our current government reflects the actions of Hitler.
1. Hilter was elected as a result of continuing social, economic and political crisis.
2. Once elected he and his accomplices lost no time in broadening their power base and dismantling the democratic constitution piece by piece.
3. Methods: discriminatory legislation, economic deprivation, public defamation, administrative harassment and social ostracism
4. Confusing interplay between repression and normalcy
5. Spurts of intense activity buffered by prolonged periods of deceptive stabilization
Photo is of the Hall of Names; a place where each and every Jew who perished is commemorated. Israel 400YadVashem2

The Hall of Names were over 3,000,000 names are recorded some with photos.  YadVashem3HallofNames

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