Answer to Prayer – Senate Votes ‘No’ by Robert Knight

WASHINGTON – In a crucial vote this afternoon, the U.S. Senate declined to approve a bill that included a provision that would have forced the military to accommodate open homosexuality.
Praise God and please keep praying for our troops!

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attempt to force homosexuality on the armed forces and also allow abortions in military hospitals fell on a close vote.

In an answer to prayer, the Senate failed to muster 60 votes needed to stop debate on a defense authorization bill that included an amendment to overturn the 1993 law barring homosexuality in the armed forces, and also a measure allowing abortions to be performed at military facilities.

Coral Ridge Ministries had urged thousands of e-mail alert subscribers to call members of the Senate and urge them to stop the cloture motion. What appeared to be a sure victory for homosexual activists was stopped in its tracks.

The final tally was 56 to 43 to end debate – four votes short of the 60 votes needed. Three Democrats joined with Republicans to stop the measure.

Sen. John McCain deserves credit for leading the resistance to this destructive, immoral attempt to turn the nation’s armed forces into a giant petri dish for social experimentation.

Coral Ridge Ministries also salutes Elaine Donnelley and Tommy Sears of the Center for Military Readiness, who have been working with Coral Ridge Ministries and other groups to educate Americans about the stakes involved.

The measure to force homosexuality on the military would have had profoundly negative effects. It would:
• lead to mandatory “sensitivity” training that would violate the beliefs of many service people;
• cause violations of sexual privacy and modesty with forced cohabitation;
• trigger an exodus of chaplains who would refuse to be silenced when asked what their faith says about sexual morality;
• hurt recruitment, which is highest among American population groups that favor traditional moral values;
• cause the departure of up to 25 percent of the armed forces who in a recent survey said they would either decline to re-enlist or consider not re-enlisting if forced to share quarters with people who engage in homosexuality;
• turn the armed forces into a social wrecking ball against traditional morality across America.

We are all made in God’s image, but that does not mean that all behavior is equal, desirable, or moral. Sexual behavior involves morality, unlike race or ethnicity, which are in-born, unchangeable, and morally neutral.

To all of Coral Ridge Ministries’ faithful supporters who called or e-mailed the Senate, we give a profound thanks.

Most of all, we thank the Lord Jesus Christ for answering our prayers and sparing our nation this horrendous fate.

May God bless America and help us to restore it.

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