A Secret No One Else Can Tell You

The secret is my passion is being unveiled and I want to share it with you.  I have just announced the blog you are reading.  I’m writing to you to tell you how I got here and invite you to participate.

In order to underscore th e true power of what I am going to reveal to you.   I’d like to introduce you to …. Me.   A few years ago I went back to school after quite a long time.  I began to attend ministry school in South Florida.  When I began school I didn’t even know that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was written in Greek.  Sure I knew there was a deity.  The Father, Son and Holy Spirit but I had no idea that there were types and shadows of Jesus all through the Old Testament.

I grew up Catholic, went to a Catholic high school and yet I was clueless.  I was saved, but had no real Bible knowledge.

Needless to say I had a long way to go. When I told people I was going to school again after 40 years, they’d ask why.  And I would tell that that I wanted the Word of God to come alive.  What I discovered was an amazement for how perfect the Word of God is.  A fascination with the awesomeness of his creation.  An excitement for learning more.  And in that learning not only did the Word come alive but so did my passion for God’s Kingdom.

What really came alive for me was a passion for God’s law and a revival in our country.  A passion for bringing Christianity back to our government.  A passion for bringing God back to our schools, our courts.  A passion for restoration of America.  To our very roots that were based on God’s laws.  An awakening and awareness that the laws of God work whether you believe in them or not.

Jesus commanded us to let our light shine, to influence our communities in a relevant and significant way for the kingdom of God.  God has placed churches like Frontline and schools like ISMT within communities to cast vision and represent the Kingdom of God.

I’d like to leave you with some questions to ponder that come from my passion:

If we do not shine, then who will be the light?

If we do not have influence, then who will be the influence?

If we do not speak, then who will be the voice?

If we do not lead, then who will be the leaders?

If we do not go to the community, to whom will the community go?

If we are not the salt, then who will flavor their lives?

If we do not offer salvation, then where will they go to be saved?

If we do not forgive, where will they go for forgiveness?

If we do not act wisely, where will they go for wisdom?

If we do not incarnate good citizenship, then who will be the citizens?

If we do not hear the community, then who will the community hear?

If we do not make Jesus known, then who will they go to for a hero?

This is my prayer:

“Father God we know that every sinner has a future and every saint has a past.  Lord, I pray that you put a hunger in our hearts for You.   I pray for a revival that starts right here with the person reading this message.

Father God create a passion in us to seek your face and not just the work of your hands.  Father God break open the heavens and let your glory fall on this nation.

Come and show us the real purpose of Your presence.   I pray this in the mighty name of Jesus.”

I want to thank you for reading this message and allowing me to share with you how to awaken the passion in you.  I’m living proof that it’s never too late.

Reverend Elaine Johnson

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